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Raphaaa Design


Raphaaa – A brand under Lourdes Textiles Pvt. Ltd. based in Kolkata, INDIA. The brand caters to Women and Men at low price and high quality fashion.

Legal & Privacy Policy

1. We respect the privacy of our customers and we do not supply our customers ‘data to any other person, except as indicated hereinafter.

2. We take all necessary steps, for protecting the data of our customers, and such steps are regularly upgraded, in view of improvement in technical measures.

3. The data supplied by our customers is used for processing the purchase of the article, sought to be purchased by our customers, receiving payment from our customers, through their banks, and for delivery of the same, to our customers, to ensure that the purchased article are delivered at the earliest.

4. We also use the data to advise our customers of articles, which we feel would be of interest to our customers, considering their purchasing or browsing history.

5. Further we use the data of our customers to warm them of any problems that may arise with article purchased by them or as to restrictions of articles that they may be interested to purchase and/or supply to our customers, such advice as we feel would be to the advantage of our customers.

6. We also take all necessary steps to protect the privacy of our customers, by using the latest technology to restrict unauthorized entry or copy of the data of our customers.

Welcome to Raphaaa, A brand under lourdes Textiles pvt.ltd. based in Kolkata, India.The brand caters to Women and Men at low price and high quality fashion.


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