Welcome to Raphaaa, A brand under Lourdes Textiles Pvt. Ltd. based in Kolkata, India. The brand caters to Women and Men at a low prices and high-quality fashion.

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When it comes to clothing, make your own rules. From big nights out, to long days in front of the sofa, level up your look for any occasion. Browse the full range Discover the latest women’s clothing collection from Raphaaa.
- Raphaaa

Stay tuned for an ALL NEW COLLECTION from Raphaaa coming to you this festive season

Raphaaa – A brand under Lourdes Textiles Pvt. ltd. based in Kolkata, INDIA. The brand caters to Women and Men at low price and high quality fashion.

- Raphaaa Fashion


Welcome to Raphaaa

Raphaaa has taken birth in such a special time where the online shopping industry is flooded with innumerous luxury brands and dot com giants. However Raphaaa has brought a daily solution for you. Now you can bring home a superb summer lite collection for your daily use. No more worrying over what to wear for a quick date, what to wear on a quick coffee with friends, what to wear on offices. Raphaaa is affordable and Raphaaa is light.

Because Raphaaa is you at your daily commute. Raphaaa is you at your every success. Raphaaa is you at your failures. Raphaaa is you on your joy.

Raphaaa is you.

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Welcome to Raphaaa, a brand which exudes luxury and affordability at the same time. Our Designers & Stylists make sure to extract out the DIVA & DIVO from you. Our Collections are available online at www.raphaaa.com. We also retail from four CITIMART stores that are based in kolkata.

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